Marc Degens: ERIWAN

April 2008

Son of Dave: 03

Son of Dave: 03
(Kartel/Rough Trade)

Er ist der letzte Alleinunterhalter in der internationalen Popmusik, eine echte One-Man-Band, und klingt dabei doch, als habe er eine vielköpfige Combo im Rücken. Seit 22 Jahren ist Benjamin Darvill, wie er mit bürgerlichem Namen heißt, bereits im Musikgeschäft tätig, unter anderem als Teil der Mitte der neunziger Jahre erfolgreichen Crash Test Dummies („Mmmh mmmh mmmh“). Jetzt legt Son of Dave sein drittes Album vor, schlicht und einfach „03“ betitelt, das mit Songs wie „Lover Not A Fighter“, „I'm Not Your Friend No More“ oder „Your Mercedes“ ein paar echte Gassenhauer zwischen Rhythm'n'Blues und Funk zu bieten hat. Zu Mundharmonika, Beatbox und Tambourin gesellen sich mittlerweile auch Gitarre, Orgel und Piano sowie ein gezupftes Cello, was das schier unerschöpfliche Ideenreservoir dieses geborenen Entertainers noch um ein paar unterhaltsame Facetten erweitert.

Für beantwortete Son of Dave – im Zug zu seinem nächsten Gig – ein paar Fragen per E-Mail. Und zeigt dabei bereits in der ersten Antwort, dass 'Mann' sich beim Lesen – kennt man das Geschlecht des Gegenüber nicht – automatisch einen Mann vorstellt. Feminism still has a long way to go, gerade auch in der musikalischen Berichterstattung!

Live sollte man sich Son of Dave, diesen Ausbund an musikalischer Energie, übrigens auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen!


Manske: I know you don't like to talk a lot about your experiences with the Crash Test Dummies, so let's get that over with =) Do you miss the time you had as a „star“? Does your past open doors for you now or is it more like a burden?

Son of Dave: Good question sir! I miss the security of knowing things are going well and that people will be at the show. Though things for Son of Dave are doing ok, there are bumpy bits and I have no idea if the new album will get the Grammy Award it deserves. But saying I was a member of that band doesn't help at all. Some people find it interesting, but it hasn't opened a single door. Not even a catflap. That said, I am hugely grateful to have had that gig. We entertained a lot of people, and that's what the job of a musician is about. Hard work and great results.

TM: What's that story about Grace Jones asking for your phone number?

SoD: After a small gig in London, a woman in a hood approached me and gave me compliments and held out her hand. I said thanks you and introduced myself. She said her name was Grace. "Grace who?" I asked politely. "Grace Jones" she said, a little embarassed. I said I suspected it was her, but that you can't be too careful these days. Then she asked me for my phone number. I looked around for a camera in case it was a joke. It was actually happening. I demanded her phone number first. She liked that. She's quite a lady. Nice phone voice, as you can imagine.

TM: How „serious“ would you say is your music? One of our editors came up with the notion „comedy“ when listening to your songs...

SoD: One of your editors might like to say that to me in person and see what happens next! You Germans are so bloody tactless sometimes! Ha ha! Yes, I know its funny in places. Music shouldn't be too serious. But it isn't a comedy act. Tell your editor to listen again, and that really, I love him.

TM: Your are being compared a lot with Tom Waits or Beck – do you like these comparisons or do they just annoy you?

SoD: I'm flattered. But i'd be more flattered if they told Tom Waits and Beck they are a lot like me. Do you think that will happen?

TM: What were the best reactions you experienced with your audience or your fans so far?

SoD: Rennes in France was a good evening. Three thousand people went nuts. I can't begin to count the number of wild and enthusiastic audiences. Most of my shows involve erotic dancing and several encores. Its not very often the audience comes home with me though. They quickly go back to their normal lives as soon as i'm done. I go on my lonely way. I need to bring them with me on the train somehow...

TM: You're a one-man-band, but if you had the chance to open it up for a duet – whom would you choose to come on stage with you?

SoD: Amy Winehouse, Grace Jones, Eminem, Ringo Star, Neil Young, Holger Czukay...Dolly Parton? I'm not fussy.

TM: What are your plans for the near future?

SoD: I'm on tour in the U.K. right now. Then a couple shows in America, then to Germany at the end of April, early May. If the kind people at radio stations decide to let Son of Dave have some of their valuable airtime, things will get insanely busy. I've been there before. If they don't, I'll just keep trucking along, making my living by doing shows. The record selling business is a dirty strip-poker game in many ways. Start by wearing a lot of clothes!